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Although 5LE is dedicated to producing high quality art, we also serve as a service company that assists television shows, film crews, as well as production shoots at various locations in the United States and around the world. We make possible what would be otherwise considered impossible.
Our key goal is to take the fear a way by dealing with all the details that ensure productions don’t fall apart, remain efficient and stay within or below budget. We are here to maximize your production value.





We handle most of the details you shouldn’t be dealing with.


International & Domestic


Local Production Company - (International Only) – We have a network of dozens of companies around the world, who know how to work with your director, DP, and actors. If we shoot in a country where we don’t have a contact, guarantee one of our contacts does. And we’ll do all of the work of vetting to make sure they’re legit.



Visas and Permits – We deal with all of this, and help production through the process of getting whatever’s necessary for the actors, director, DP, producer, etc.



Shipping and Carnets – We’ll get props, camera, wardrobe, whatever, in and out in the correct way. This is something than can easily cause major problems if done badly.  



Travel and Hotels – We productions to do this correctly, so we still follow all contractual rules with the actors, director, etc, but it’s the right place, near location, has the right amenities, is production friendly, etc.


Production Logistics - We make sure the only thing our client and director have to worry about is the creative portion we take care of crew hires, pre production books, callsheets, payroll, covid testing, etc.. 



When you hire 5th Lane you know that your project is covered, Our insurance policies meet the requirements at ABC, NBC, CBS, and all of the other studios and networks we’re aware of.  This includes walk and talks, stunts, vehicles, large crews, small crews, helicopters, the works. We also have you covered with all camera and rental agencies.

The Team

Whenever we work on a project we bring only what is necessary and hire locally in that city. In certain situations clients sometimes have Directors or Creatives they bring on already. We accommodate these type of situations all the time.



Crew Breakdown


Typically traveling with 5th Lane:


 - Director

 - DP

 - Producer

- - Actors


Locally we typically hire:

 - AD Department 

 - Operator (s)

 - AC’s, 1st and 2nd

 - Sound

 - Props / Set Dresser

 - Location managers

 - PA’s, etc

 - Grip and Gaffers as needed

 - Hair/Makeup

 - Wranglers

 - Location Managers

To keep it simple “We Make It Possible”

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